1. Karigan through the years. Again, no pics of her as a baby/toddler. I wanted the two sisters to be extreme opposites, in terms of style and personality.. But for them to also be really close despite of that. Karigan’s definitely the bolder of the two, and the more artsy. The last picture features her fiance, Damien. They’re both in college together.

  2. Daphne through the years. No pics of her as a toddler or baby, sadly. D: My last game messed up, and I had to recreate the family early on and make the both girls again.. This time as kids, since they had already grown past the toddler stage originally.

    The last picture is Daphne on her first date with Stuart.

  3. Some pictures of my legacy house so far. I plan to expand upon it and upgrade it even more. The pink room is Daphne’s, the purple one is Karigan’s. The Sim with the pink hair is my self Sim, the one with the red hair is my mother’s, and the male Sim is my hubby’s.


  4. So I’ve been working on my first ever legacy family/house, and so far it’s going great. My self sim lives with my hubby’s sim, and my sim’s mother. They have two dogs and a cat, as their main pets.. With an iguana and owl being their secondary pets. They had two little girls who grew up to be teenagers, Karigan and Daphne. Karigan is now in college with her fiance Damien, and Daphne is going steady with her boyfriend Stuart. When the former couple finish up college, they’ll get hitched and join the household.. Which I mean have to expand a bit. The latter couple will get hitched as soon as they grow up into adulthood. Daphne shows no interest in college, but Stuart does.. So I don’t know whether to send little Stuart to college or not, while Daphne works on her skills some more.

  5. Candy Kei and Cherry Kei, two sisters with polar personalities.. and the little apartment that they share. Candy dreams of being a big star in the entertainment career track, while Cherry would love to just settle down with a family of her own. Candy is playful, a tad sarcastic and not afraid to act zany.. But Cherry is shy and sweet, never a cross word in her mind or her heart, her innocence overwhelming. Even though the two couldn’t be more different, they both have a love of all things cute and girly.. As their apartment bluntly shows!

  6. The Dracul family. Their house was downloaded from ModTheSims2, then I tweaked it a tiny bit since the staircases didn’t work quite right. Vlad (male) and Sanguinella (female) were turned into vampires using a potion from Parsimonious. They look only slightly different as vampires, a tad paler and more sunken in, with fangs of course.

  7. The Otherworldly family. Zrog (male) and Kla (female). They live in a small double decker spaceship that hovers over the ground. They also have a dog, Snorgle, who I’ve neglected to take a picture of. Most of their furnishings were downloaded from Parsimonious, so was their attire. They also have a nursery set up, as they plan on procreating soon.


  8. Fear Street Mall

    Located in the heart of the Empty Pockets District is the official Fear Street mall.

    It offers a medium sized food court, electronics store and jewelry/perfume shop.

    You’ll also find a small arcade and baby/kids store.

    And of course, bus services are available to/from this location.

    A functioning small movie theater is also to be found here.

    Vending machines are easily accessible on the 2nd floor.

    There’s even a tea shop/metaphysical store.

    A 2nd electronics store, this one deals mainly with toys and video games. Also a cutesy/girly shop (think Sanrio) and a little pet store.

    There also a bridal store for your to-be wedded Sims.

    Sorry for the craptastic picture quality.. These were taken before I upped the quality of the Sim camera settings.


  9. Welcome to Fear Street

    Let my first post be an introductory post for my main town.. Fear Street. Why Fear Street, you ask? It used to be one of my favorite book series growing up, and I thought it’d suit my town perfectly since only strange sims live there. The average and the usual have no place in my town.

    If you travel into the community area, you’ll find the Empty Pockets District.. Named so for a very good reason. Shopaholics beware.

    Unfortunately downtown is still under construction, as is the university area.


  10. So, I’ve finally decided to start up my own Simblr.. After recently getting back into Sims 2. Mainly you’ll be seeing a bunch of my Sims 2 updates for now, but I assure you that Sims 3 will follow shortly. Mostly all of my sims wear custom content, and live in houses with custom content. Since I have well over 3,000 downloaded files, it’s impossible to remember exactly what creators made what.. So instead of listing a long list of where I found each item, I’ll simply say I made absolutely nothing except the Sims themselves. If you’re a creator of custom content, and you see your stuff on one of my sims, and for some reason want that picture yanked down.. Just let me know. ^^